Distracted Driving Accidents in CA

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A car accident can often happen when a driver engages in any activity that removes their attention away from the road. This is known as distracted driving. When a driver is giving their attention to a cell phone or the passengers in their car, they will be less focused on the road in front of them. Even taking your eyes off the road for just a few seconds could result in a deadly accident.

Distracted driving causes over 1,150 injuries in the United States each day, meaning that nearly 20% of all car accidents involve a driver that was not paying attention to the road in front of them. Don’t wait to pursue the compensation you deserve for your accident! Call our firm for a free consultation today.

Do I have a claim against a distracted driver?

Distracted driving occurs when the driver takes their attention off of the road and puts their passengers and other drivers at serious risk. Even gazing or daydreaming while staring out at the road can result in a dangerous collision.

Types of distracted driving include:

  • Removing eyes from the road
  • Taking hands off of the steering wheel
  • Thinking of other things while driving

The most well-known form of distracted driving is when a driver uses their smartphone to make a call, surf the internet, or send a text message. However, drinking coffee, having conversations with other passengers, putting on makeup, and adjusting a radio are also all examples of distracted driving.

Some distracted driving risks are greater than others. Sending a text message, for example, takes a driver’s eyes off the road for longer than pressing the button to change the radio may. No matter what, once a driver is not completely focused on driving, the risk to collide with another vehicle increases.

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Many states, such as California, have enacted laws to prevent and reduce acts of distracted driving since they pose such a risk to public safety. These laws oftentimes do not do enough. With instances of distracted driving on the rise, it is important that every driver know the risks when getting behind the wheel.

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