Ventura Bankruptcy Lawyer

Life After Bankruptcy

Many people experiencing financial problems avoid bankruptcy because they believe that it will make life difficult. They worry that they will never again be able to obtain a credit card, or a loan for a house or car. Generally, these worries come about as a result of misinformation and a misunderstanding of how the processworks. Bankruptcy is actually designed to make life easier, by eliminating overwhelming debt and allowing for a financial fresh start. It also provides the opportunity to rebuild a healthy credit rating. Some of the steps one can take to rebuild credit include:

  • Opening a new bank account and regularly making deposits
  • Obtaining a debit card for the account and using it in a responsible manner
  • Applying for a credit card, using it in a responsible manner, and making regular, on-time payments
  • Avoiding “payday” loans
  • Paying all bills regularly and on time
  • Being careful when applying for credit, avoiding those creditors that charge high interest rates or fees
  • Obtaining a responsible co-signer if loan is needed

Bryan Diaz Law, P.C. has provided legal help in bankruptcy cases for over ten years. Our firm is knowledgeable in all forms of bankruptcy, including Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, and is available to discuss the process with you in detail. Should you decide to file, a Ventura bankruptcy lawyer at the firm will work diligently in an effort to help you utilize bankruptcy as a means to obtaining a life that is financially sound and free of debt.

Building Credit After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can provide you with a financial fresh start, but it does not free you from all financial obligations. If you already possess a car payment or a mortgage payment, those will still need to be paid regularly following your Chapter 13 proceedings. It will be very important for you to address these obligations in a responsible manner after bankruptcy, so that you will have the best possible chance of reestablishing healthy credit.

If you possess overwhelming debt, contact a Ventura bankruptcy attorney who may be able to help you regain a life of financial freedom.