Ventura Wage Garnishment Attorney

Are your wages being garnished?

A creditor is legally allowed to file a lawsuit to collect any money they are owed. If the court rules in favor of the creditor, your wages can be garnished. Wage garnishment is a court order that directs your employer to deduct money from your paycheck to pay the debt. The order remains in effect until the debt has been fully paid. Your wages can be garnished to pay credit card debts, as well as child support and unpaid taxes. Certain types of income cannot be garnished, such as:

  • Social Security
  • Disability
  • Veteran’s benefits

The Internal Revenue Service can garnish wages without a court order, but must notify you in writing that the garnishment will be taking place. Under state law, as much as 25% of your disposable income can be taken out of your paycheck. Having your wages garnished can be extremely embarrassing. If you are already experiencing financial difficulties, a wage reduction of any amount can also make it difficult for you to pay other bills and even basic living expenses. If you are facing the possibility of garnishment, seek legal advice from a Ventura bankruptcy attorney. There often ways to challenge the lawsuit or reduce the amount of garnishment. It is extremely important that you do not ignore a legal case that could result in wage garnishment, as it will usually result in a default judgment in favor of the creditor.

Bankruptcy Protection from Wage Garnishment

One way to immediately stop wage garnishment is to file for bankruptcy. When you petition has been received by the court, the judge will order an automatic stay which will stop all creditor collection actions, including the garnishing of your wages. Bankruptcy is one of several debt solutions that an attorney from Bryan Diaz Law, P.C. can discuss if you are in financial trouble. Our firm has been representing clients with financial problems for over 10 years, and can give you sound legal advice regarding your situation. We know the hardships that can result when a person is no longer able to pay their bills, and can help remedy your financial difficulties. We personalized and attentive legal services at affordable rates, and will work diligently to eliminate your debts.

Contact a Ventura wage garnishment attorney for advice and representation if you are in danger of having your wages garnished.