Ventura Creditor Harassment Lawyer

Putting a Stop to Creditor Harassment

Getting behind on your bills can have many unfortunate consequences, including repeated calls and letters from creditors. Consumers are protected from collection agency harassment by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). If a collection company is using intimidating tactics to collect on a debt, contact a Ventura bankruptcy lawyer at Bryan Diaz Law, P.C. for immediate legal assistance. We will take effective action to stop the abuse, including filing a complaint or civil lawsuits if the violations are serious. A collection agency that does not follow FDCPA laws can be heavily fined, and may even face jail time. They will also be required to pay for your legal expenses if they have violated any laws.

Creditor Harassment Attorney in Ventura

Falling behind on your bills does not give a collection agency the right to engage in intimidating, harassing or abusive behavior, including:

  • Threatening legal actions they do not intend to take
  • Using foul or derogatory language
  • Falsifying information regarding your debt
  • Making verbal or physical threats

Our firm will protect your rights and prevent any further harassment. We know the pressure you are under and can alleviate the additional stress of unlawful collection activities. Our firm can also give you valuable advice regarding your finances and how best to eliminate your debts. We have counseled many clients facing difficult financial times, and can help you improve your financial condition. Depending on your circumstances, filing for bankruptcy could resolve your debt problems. It will also result in a court order that prohibits creditors from contacting you in regards to the money that you owe. During your initial consultation, we will listen carefully to the problems you are having, assess your situation and discuss your alternatives.

Contact a Ventura creditor harassment lawyer for legal assistance if you are being harassed by a debt collection company.